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30,000 Mile Service


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Hello! I purchased an '06 RX330 with 25k miles five months ago, and am now approaching my 30,000 mile service. I am debating between taking my car to the Lexus dealership for the service vs. a local mechanic. Any thoughts? Also, does anyone know how much I should expect to pay? Many thanks for any guidance you can give me!!

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I see no one answered this for you so I thought I would chime in. I'm new and have not had service performed yet on my RX, but from calling around before the purchase and reading online it appears that Lexus dealerships are anywhere from 1/3 to 50% more than an independent in most cases. The important thing is to get someone that is competent to work on the car, if you can there is no problem using someone other than lexus, some people have posted having really good luck with toyota, same service (camry driveline) and lower price, good luck and let us know what you decide.

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I do all of the service on my cars so I think I am qualified to make this comment. If you go to an indie mechanic, you obviously need to find someone who has been around for a while and is comfortable with Toyota/Lexus products. For instance, in my neck of the woods we have an indie who is a Mercedes/BMW specialist, Firestone and Goodyear (generic - one size fits all kind of shop imo), and an independant shop with no affiliation. However, if I drive towars Pittsburgh, there is a shop that specializes in Japanese cars. If I find a need for someone to do something I am not capable or qualified to do, I will try that shop.

For most of the preventative maintenance on our cars, just about any shop will do. I am talking about things like oil changes, differential and transmission fluid changes, rotors and pads, etc. If you start getting into some of the more car-specific issues, then I am really comfortable going to my local Toyota dealer and, as a last resort, the Lexus dealer.


ps, do you do any of your own work? Most of it isn't technically challenging. Just the I-am-going-to-get-dirty kind of stuff.

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