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After purchasing my 97 400 (122k miles) Ive been looking around for some mechanics around that will work on my car (read:not the dealer). One of the places gave the reccomendation that once a month I take it out for an extended highway drive...say 1 1/2 hours to get the sludge out from condensation. Something about driving it 20-30 min at a time doesnt get it up to temp long enough to clear it out. Zat sound right?

Another thing I was told is that most places wont let me get my own parts because they make money off of the parts and most buy from the dealer which we all know is way over priced. Same mechanic said that basically

a) get only Lexus parts...dont skimp

b) most of the stuff, if you are mechanically inclined, you can do yourself

c) alot of the maintinence schedule is merely revenue producing activities

and lastly...where can one look online for well priced Lexus parts?

me = extreme Lexus n00b

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Use synthetic oil and you won't get sludge. Recomment Amsoil or Mobil 1 (5-30)

Change once, drive maybe 1000 miles or so, Then change again. Synthetic will CLEAN the sludge out for you!

Get a hold of a toyota dealer and buy their coolant, tranny fluid, filters, etc thru them to save $!

Also, toyota publishing has 800 # for a set of manuals - YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU HAVE THEM :D

I always Deal with the Local lexus parts store here in KC. They always match a price (internet) for the general maintenance parts I need.

Please put your model, year, mileage, any mod.... in your profile to help us answer your questions.

Enjoy Your Machine :lol:



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