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  1. Ill be adding 2000 miles this weekend to my already cranked up 132000
  2. so a drain and refill really doesnt do much at all?
  3. Ya..I just went to the Toyota Dealership and got 3 quarts for 5 bucks each
  4. Well..I see how to take off the tranny pan..is there any graceful way to drain it cos I see myself unscrewing all that and getting covered in fluid since there is no drainhole on it.
  5. due to various happenings in my recent life I went cheap but V rated 225/60VR-16 Sumitomo HTR+
  6. yeah..I found some pretty ok V rated for alot less...
  7. down the street because I am in DIRE need of 4 new tires. They tell me that it will only take V rated tires...true or no..I call BS...tried to get me for $800. Ill go to tirerack.com and have the local garage put em on..sheesh...
  8. So I discovered some paint chips on my hood a few weeks ago and went to the dealer for the touch up paint. He have me some 040 white to put on as a base and the 051 for the diamond white that the car is. Are there any tools or techniques I should know before patching this puppy up? Also..upon further inspection during a wash...it looks like the grey on the bottom is getting some chips and a bit worn up front so I guess Ill get some stuff for that too.
  9. Win98 se is the first OS with USB Support. You may be able to update 95 with an update from microsoft but I would really advise moving to XP if your machine can take it..if not..make sure its 98 se Also on the digicam not being compatible with 95 I call BS unless the transfer software is not compatible. On 95 you need to make sure there is a serial cable (RS 232 aka the nine pin dealy), if there is than it is most likely compatable. Maake sure to read the box on recommended minimums tho
  10. Where can one buy a good repair manual for the LS 400 1997? Ive been looking around and can't find too much...ideas thoughts? Im kind of a noob so be nice :). I think I can get the Chiltons but I dunno...Id rather spend the bucks on a better one. I plan on doing some of the stuff myself and leaving the large jobs to the pro's.
  11. I went to wash my car over the weekend and discovered about 4 tiny paint chips on the front a bit smaller than a BB. What is a good way to get those care of (read: a good cheap way) edit oops..mods could someone move this to the details forums..my bad /edit
  12. I read earlier to only use Toyota Type IV Tranny fluid...is the only place to get that at a dealership? 3.75 per quart at the dealer. and my manual says Type II or equiv. Im assuming type IV is just fine then
  13. I was at the cash machine and it was almost 60 degrees outside and I noticed a larger than normal exaust output of white smoke from the tail. I would think in warm weather there should be a negligable amount. Nothing huge but noticable...any ideas as to what I should look for 97 ls400 124000 miles
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