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How Do I Get To My Cd Changer?

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My CD changer on my 2006 IS350 (w/ Nav Sys) jammed. It won't eject or load CDs. How do I get off the stereo faceplate and get to the changer? I'm hoping this is something I can do myself.



If it became jammed with store bought CD's then take it in for a warrenty fix. It is not easy to gain access to the CD changer and that still might not solve your problems in the long run. You have to take the whole center stack out and remove the changer from the backside. This means taking our the whole A/C, Radio & Nav part if equipment. It is not very easy.

If it became jammed with a burned disc or some other "non-standard" media then........

I would try to reset the CD changer in hopes that it will spit out the CD. I think this can be done by disconnecting the vehicles battery and then reconnecting it after a few minutes. Maybe there is some technic in the owners manual.

I have also heard of people getting a jammed CD out by inserting another one into the changer. It must be somthing to do with moving the CD's around or somthing.

Good luck

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It jammed from a CD we bought from a singer at a restaurant, so a burned CD. I couldn't load another CD either. I guess I'll just bite the bullet and have the Lexus dealer fix it at my next 5,000 mile service. Thanks for explaining the complexity of this. Doh...


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