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Lemon Law


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I have 6k miles on my GX. I noticed the thump in the rear about 2500 miles and brought it in. They fixed it by lubing the driveshaft etc. but the thump is back. My question is.....

If I take it in again and they do the same fix and then it happens again could this be turned in for the lemon law??

Thanks for any information...

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Not sure where you live, but in California you need 4 attempts before you can lemon law it. If it is still present AFTER the 4th attempt. DO NOT GO BACK TO THE DEALER, GO TO AN ATTORNEY. The problem needs to exist at the time you sue them.

I have been through two lemon law cases and have won them both. One with GM and the other with Chrysler.

I just got the 3rd attempt to fix the driveline thump and it is still there. 1 more try and lemon law here I come.

Lexus normally is very reliable, but on the GX they did not do the proper R&D and testing and released it a year too early.

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If you win your case in full, then you get back.... your down payment, tax & license, all the payments you have made up to turn in, and any expenses you incurred because of the problem, like car rental fees, towing, etc. On one of my cases I even got reimbursed for the aftermarket stuff a added like custom mats, emblems, and the like.

The two things they take out us your refund will be an attorney retainer fee (which in my case was a $1000 flat fee) (the manufactor pays the court costs) and a mileage off-set from the time the problem first started and was documented by your invoice from the dealer.

Make sure you keep ALL paperwork from the dealer.

Yes the clunk qualifies as a lemon law issue, however it is NOT a safety issue. Safety issues only require 2 attempts to fix before you can qualify for the lemon law. In non-safety issues like the clunk in the drivelline it required 4 attempts.

You may also want to go to different dealers, as some dealers if they see you often enough for the same problem will refuse to work on your vehicle. Most service managers know how the lemon laws work (as they are the ones you will turn the car into if you win your case) and don't want anything to do with it.

Some people try arbutration with the manufactor first, but I have never gone that route.

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I am getting ready to take mine in for the second time for the thump. So I just keep the paperwork for the past time and this time and if that happens two more times then I just get a lawyer and I am set?

I would really like to unload this GX.

Thanks again for your time and your info.

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