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1996 Es300 Problems...


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I need some advice before I put my car in the hands of a mechanic. I have a 1996 ES300 with 130k. Runs great. However, I recently had two codes come up: P1705 (Direct Clutch Speed Sensor Circuit Fault) and P0115 (Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Malfunction). The car recently started to make loud humming noise as I reached 40 MPH through 60 MPH. Has anyone had experience with this? I'm just trying to stay ahead of the mechanic. I have had no real problems with the car up to this point. I am taking it in this week for timing belt and water pump replacement. (By the way, is this one of those engines that will NOT be damaged if the timing belt breaks?)

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I had the ECT sensor replaced in my ES last year as it was sending false readings to the ECU which threw the timing out. I didn't experience any humming noises though.

As far as the type of engine is concerned: you have a NON-Interference engine in your '96 ES so it should not sustain any significant damage if the timing belt breaks.

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