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New Owner 03 Is300


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Hello everyone, I'm new, as many people recently seem to be here on this forum. Just got myself my dream car, 03 IS300 manual, only took 3 months to find the one I wanted. I was actually curious if anyone had any information on two separate things. First being if anyone has ever put a short shifter kit on there IS. Its weird to me to have such a high stick, but before doing it I wanted some opinions on which way to go. Secondly if anyone has put in a in dash Navigation system? Any recommendations or things not to do would be appreciated. Get back to me.

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Welcome to the LOC!

For the in dash nav install, several of us have used the Avic D3 or Z2. Both a very nice indash units with lots of options. If you want to see what it looks like, try going to the Modifying an IS 300 Chronicles of a Dream Ride thread. It's a sticky at the top of this forum. I put one in my IS and I thought it was great.

As for the short shifter, Carson has one available. I just put one in a Supra, and that came out really nice. But I haven't done one in an IS 300 yet.

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I dont see the sticky you are talking about, I see the wood dash kits that comes up, but thats not what I'm looking for. I'm actually just looking for the TV/Navigation system, not the parts for around the system, sorry for the misunderstanding. If you can give me a link to it or something of the sort it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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