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Please Give Me Some Recommendations To Choose My Tires


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This is my first topic here, so please excuse if I post in wrong place.

Just got my 2002 IS300 Sportcross. The pre-owner gave it too much air for rear-tires and the middle part wore very bad. Need new rear tires that are safe, dependable, not too expensive etc.

Live in Knoxville,Tn. Will be driving mostly stop and go, to school, to friends, and sometime 100-mile trip etc.

What would you recommend? Thanks for helping!

And, Do I need to do an alignment after I replace the tires.

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What would you recommend? Thanks for helping!

What's in your wallet? ;) What are you looking to spend or not spend?

Do you see much snow in the winter? If not, then I suggest a good all season radial for that part of the country.

I am thrilled with the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires currently on my GS right now. I had Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S on my ES and totally loved them too.

I had a set of dedicated summer performance tires for me ES as well, these were Goodyear Eagle F1 G3-DS and were totally awesome but I wouldn't use them in any kind of snow.

I hated the Bridgestone RE92s that come on my ES (worst tire ever!!!) and the Dunlop Sport A2s that replaced them were good but become very loud after about 15k miles.

Use the TireRack link that SW posted previously. They have a good decison tree that can also help you.


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