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I have read a lot of these discussions concerning the IACV on the ES300, 2001 model. I have 115000 miles and having these same issues. Took it to the Lexus dealership and they cleaned it for nothing. Worked 1 good time since I received the car post cleaning. Took vehicle back, Lexus cleaned a 2nd time......but did not help. I asked Lexus, if they removed the IACV and cleaned, they stated no. All the discussions I have read have the valve being removed and cleaned, with successful results. Why doesn't Lexus do this? Is it really that easy to remove? One guy said if you change your oil you could do this job? Lexus quoted 200 labor, 200 part.

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Yeah, the dealer is a joke when it comes to this topic. I took mine apart the other week and had it all back together and running in 45 minutes. The online guides are pretty clear, you just removed a bit of the intake hosing, unbolt your butterfly assembly, turn it over, remove the IACV, clean it out directly, ensure the rotary valve is moving freely with a springy action, then reassemble. Ours started stalling, but after a quick cleaning, it runs as smooth as warm butter.

The dealer wants to 'replace' this part, which is almost never needed (unless it's damaged). You can even use the same metal gasket. $200 in labor??? Yeah, another joke. It's probably 30 minutes for a skilled tech, and dealer better not be charging $400/hour for labor.

In short, yeah, it's really that easy and effective.

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