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Luggage Rails


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I just moved into a house that was built in the 30's and the garage is small.

My GX will almost (it just scrapes that rails) fit in the garage now if I lower it before i pull in.

If i forget, it could be horrible!

Lexus tells me that i cannot remove the side rails completely because they do

not make a part to seal the grooves and holes on the roof left by the rails.

Its odd, because I've seen images i of the GX overseas that don't have the rails.

Other SUV companies (like BMW & Range Rover) have parts when you

don't want a rack.

Does anyone have any ideas, woudl Toyota have that parts i need.

I'm stuck! It's lame i have to park it in my cul-de-sac when i have a garage!

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in other countries and those that dont have the rails, the holes werent there in the first place. its like a spoiler, if u hav a spoiler and u remove it, the holes will always be there.

have u tried lowering the suspension? i know its only the rear that goes down but you never know. giv it a try. ;)

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