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Experience With Lexus Of Westminster


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I just brought my 05 Lx into the dealer to have them check out the wind noise and ask what the other sound I heard was when I applied the brakes.

I had a great experience. Peter Nguyen, the Shop Foreman, was more than I expected. Knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely helpful. He spent 30-45 minutes test driving the car with me and also explained other details/nuances of this particular vehicle.

1) Wind Noise: had to take it on the freeway in order to get strong enough cross-winds, but he heard it 2 different times. He's never heard it before. We think it could be loose moluding on top of the driver side. The black moulding is a little loose so maybe the crosswinds are getting under it and making the strange noises. I don't think the noise has to do with speed of the vehicle, but more the speed of the crosswinds hitting the windshield.

2) Sounds when brakes are applied: I guess the LX has a brake system that accumulates brake fluid and releases it. He got it to make the sounds when he pulled over and applied the brakes 4-5 times. He explained it, but I forgot the particulars. Anyway, all working as planned.

More info: Peter has worked 20 years in the industry, for Honda, Acura, and someone else. Lexus for 10 years. He says Lexus is the best for its support. (Honda & Acura don't come close, which surprised me.) One case: in 2006, a customer brought in a '92 SC. There was a problem a Lexus field engineer couldn't figure out. Eventually 5 different field engineers looked at the vehicle at different times, until finally all 5 came together and found the problem and a solution. This for an old, non-warrantied, vehicle. Great stuff, I thought.

Just thought I'd share my experience/story.

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