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Lexus Chrome Wheels

Old Navy Goat

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Can some members tell me if they have experienced problems with their Lexus (LS 430-04) chrome wheels? I have had two full sets put on my car and both rotted from the center out. My car is now a month past the four year warranty. I have put only 18,000 miles on the vehicle and it is garaged. Lexus wants me to pay them another $1000 for another set of chrome Lexus wheels. Obviously, they have a vendor product problem, because the chrome peels off the wheel. Is their a web venue that you can direct me to discussing this problem? I am certain, others, that take exceptional care of the Lexus, are experiencing the same problem with Lexus chrome wheels. I would be grateful for any help or insight you can provide. Thank you kindly. By the way, I have purchased four brand new Lexus in the past 7 years. Although, that does not seem to be of any value to Lexus. Go figure!

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Seeing you live in Chicago, do you have a different set of wheels/tires for winter? Driving with chrome wheels in the snow, even for just one year, will destroy the finish from what I understand. Most people I know with chrome wheels change them out with another set during the winter months so the salt on the roads does not mess them up.

I have thinking about putting a set of LS400 stock chrome wheels on my car. If I do, I will definitely keep my existing set to use in the wintertime.

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