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Just Missed A Great Deal, I Think


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Good morning all,

Sharing a little misery here. Yesterday was the first day a 2001 LS430 with luxury package was posted on Craigslist in my area. 248,000 miles, but very clean. 2nd owner had the service history printout and said that every single maintenance window had been performed by lexus dealer. Heck, he said the trans fluid had been changed more than 10 times over the cars life. With lux package, it did have the air suspension, which I rather wouldn't have had, but could have lived with.

Even though it had a bunch of miles, it looked like it was super clean.

I called the owner about 6 hours after car was was sold.


Groan - I think even with the miles that was a sweet deal I missed.

Keep on looking!

Have a great weekend!

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Wow, that was a deal. I would have bought it for sure, despite the miles, as long as all was in good order.

That was like with me last week. My cousin works at a local Honda dealer. They had a very nice 2005 Accord LX 4dr for only $8700, but it had 132K. Not a lot for a Honda, but was alot for a 2005. I think it was sold the next day. I was going to look at it.

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When I bought mine, I checked it out in the showroom, took it for an extended test drive once I realized how well it was running, parked it in a mall parking lot and gave it the once over while it was idling. When I came back, there was someone else waiting to take it out. I immediately put down a deposit on the condition that no one else takes it out. That day there were 4 other buyers interested in the car. Next day, got it up on the lift to see the underneath, then bought it. I'm sure the car would have gone the same day I took it out if I hadn't jumped on it. One owner, completely documented, and serviced by the dealer only. Previous owner paid a fortune for the service, but he was a doctor and could well afford it. Got his name and asked him to call me first instead of trading his old one in, next time he's planning to buy a new car.

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