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Fuel Pump?


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ok, I have a what is probably a stupid question but here goes. I am at wits end with my 99 es300, the car turns over, try's to start but won't. I cleaned the iac, no help. I unplugged the fuel line from the fuel filter, tried to start to see if fuel comes out and none did. I took off the fuel filter and you can blow through it easily. I checked to see if any fuel would come out of the line after i took off the fuel filter by turning the car over and none would. Is this a sign that the fuel pump is bad and should I attempt to jump it out.

I am able to get it to start by spraying starting fluid in the intake. The car ran once today for about 5 min. then just shut off. I am having codes showing but the are all tranny codes p753,p758,p1760 and i wouldn't think they would prevent the car from starting.

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I have to give you the credit of trying many things before posting here. Couple of things you can try:

I am making the assumption here that you don't live in snow area and gas line frozen up.

1. Start the car while stepping on the gas pedal. If the car starts, but dies. Then it's a good sign either the fuel pump is out or something impedes airflow or allowing too much air to go in, like plenum gasket broken.

2. PCV valve old or plugged up???

3. Turn the key to ON position, not start. You should hear the fuel pump pumping. If not, fuel pump issue.

4. Have you checked the fuses for the fuel pump?

BTW, fuel pump is underneath the back seats. Need to remove the back seats to see it.

Tranny codes don't prevent a car from starting, but just run sluggish.

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thanks for the response, I will have to check to plenum gasket and pcv valve as you stated. I jumped out the fuel filter this morning and it is pumping fine. I took off the jumper and still pumps. Reconnected fuel filter and made sure it was flowing through it. I guess the next step will be the fuel regulator once I locate it and check the over things you stated. One other thing now when the key is on and the brake is depressed I can't get the car to go into gear. ABS light is on when key is on and doesn't go out. Just something else to figure out. Maybe a fuse.

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WOW...the brain can be a dangerous thing when you overthink things.... thanks homemechanic for mentioning the pcv valve..when i went to check it I bumped a ground wire bolted to the intake and found it to be loose. tightened and now she purrs like a kitten again.....the only problem now is somehow while doing all my checks the ABS light came on a stays on not letting me shift...also the speedometer doesn't work code shows speed sensor malfunction....tried to clear them and came back....forgot to mention when i tightened to ground wire the tranny codes disappeared.

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