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Rolling My Fenders

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I have recently installed a slightly larger tire in the rear (265 on 18x9.5"rim), and I had to raise my coilovers inorder to fit the new tire without rubbing.

A previous thread had a technique in doing this but was a little complicated acually using a "fender roller", has anyone already done this, how did you go about it?

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Rolling a fender is really quite easy. First you need the right tools, body hammer and a body dolly shaped like a quotation mark ' . first remove the wheel, take some 3M painters tape and tape the area to be worked on. (don't cheap out on the tape, because tape is cheaper than paint) start the roll from the top of the inside of the fender. begin tapping the edge rolling the fender evenly once the inner edge has been moved about 20 to 30 degrees, begin with the dolly with the tip against inside of the fender and the dollys'curve facing towards you. (lean into the fender-well and face the inside of the fender to have a good view of you work.) Work your roll to the shape of the dolly and the flip the dolly and work you roll in the dollys' inside shape. finish by working the roll in free hand, also on the final taps use the dollys' heavy side on the outside of the body to provent warpage. TIP : try to use your hammer in a circular motionas you tap, tap in the way you want your metal to move.

hope all goes well and your ride can be sittin pretty in no time.

3 year custom shop experience

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