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Possibly Corroded Fuse Panel.


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Yup, it's the newbie again but I keep coming back because this forum is the place to find answers. Best on the net!

Anyway, I have a 92 LS400 with intermittent (sp?) electrical problems. For example, the cigarette lighter isn't working but I was able to feel heat if I held the lighter down in the socket. Next thing I knew, the heater wasn't working...the car was warm but I wasn't getting any heat even when the climate control was set on auto with the highest temp. First thought was a fuse so I pulled the ones for the heater and the lighter. Fuses were fine so I put them back in and the heater was working again.

I get the same thing with my TRAC OFF light...pull the fuse and put the same fuse back and the light goes off.

Mentioned it to a mechanic and he said the fuse panel may be corroded but it was a passing conversation so I didn't get the chance to ask how to correct the problem. Because of the angle, I can't see if there's corrosion or not but want to eliminate it as a possibility.

So, how do I clean the fuse panel without removing it? Is it easy to remove for cleaning keeping in mind that I'm an automotive nitwit? Along that line, should I...could I...replace it DIY?

The car sat outside for several months before I purchased it and the previous owners didn't seem to make maintenance a priority so I was also wondering if I should just replace all the existing fuses with brand new ones. Do fuses get old? None of them show any sign of wear.

Just had anther thought. The previous owner's kids put quarters in the cassette slot of the radio and shorted the radio out. As far as I know, the quarters are still in there somewhere. Could they be causing the electrical blips? Anyone know how to get the quarters out?

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If you're going to pull the panel, check the continuity readings on the backside could have intermittent or poor connections because of cold solder joints as well as corrosion. Also check some of your fuses. Corrosion sometimes shows up as hot spots on the fuses.

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