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2000 Es300 - Removing Interior Panels

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Typically the kick panel has either a couple of bolts or screws that need to be removed before you can pull the panel, or the panel simply is snapped into place. Check first to see if there are any fasteners. If there are, then you know how to proceed. If there aren't any, then I would suggest that the panel section closet to the vertical firewall needs to be pulled towards the centre of the car until its snap fasteners let go. Be gentle but firm when you get your fingers between the carpeting and the panel when you pull. Then the panel will need to be lifted and pulled towards the rear of the car along its left edge top to bottom since these panels typically fold over the edge of the side of the door opening. Usually when installing these, the left hand edge is set over the steel opening for the door and pushed into place with the heel of your hand. Then the flat section of the kick panel is pushed into place by hitting it sideways to the left and then installing any screws/bolts or plastic plugs that were removed previously. A little exploration should show you how to proceed. Remember that these particular panels are pretty tough, just don't get carried away and start beating on it if it doesn't go back on right away. Make sure that everything is seated properly before you smack it with your hand to seat it. Good Luck!

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