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Custom "racing" Seats

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One of the first steps I'm looking at to reduce the weight of my car is to swap the front bucket seats. From what I've read, it seems the passenger side weighs about 60-65 lbs and the driver's side weighs about 65-70 lbs. I want to keep my car looking as stock as possible, and I like the seats I got right now. They're soft and in excellent condition. Most important, they match the rest of the interior. I'm basically looking to try and drop the weight from the OEM seats, the power, memory unit, and heating, all stuff that I don't use or need anyways. There is one seat that I'm looking at which I think my be able to accomplish this, Corbeau's Sport Seat:

They weigh only 23 lbs each which would drop a good 80-90 lbs off my car's curb weight. I've already removed my spare tire (50 lbs) and I drive on 1/2 tank (60 lbs) so with this final mod, I'm expecting my car to perform much better than it did originally. The question I need to know is if its possible to buy these seats, strip their cushioning, and mount the cushioning from my OEM seats onto their frame? Another question I got is if there are any companies out there that just sell lightweight seat "frames" which I could built and mount the OEM cushioning onto?

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Dude that would be way too much custom work

just either decide to re do your seats or just through some racing seats in there and yes they are *BLEEP*ing heavy

i launched mine and threw some racing seats on their and it is a big differance. no more sliding around in the

seat. by the way if you go that way your gonna wanna order the supra seat brakets to make it work that or somthing custom

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