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Targa Top?

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I doubt a Supra's top could fit easily on our cars. The roofline is different, much more sloaped. You could try and fabricate your own top. Anything is possible. I've seen pictures of someone who converted his SC300 into a convertible. Its just a matter of how good you are at it, how much time you want to spend, and how much money. I'm willing to bet it cant be easy and requires a good deal of knowledge of what you're doing. The last thing you want is a leak.

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If you're serious about the Targa Top, you may be interesting installing a Roll cage. The Targa top will make the car feel like crap around corners and most likely very unsafe.

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In 1977 I drove a Stutz D'Italia convertable... The one and only car of this model built by Stutz. The price tag for this car was $100,000. That is in 1977. I kept the car out of a James Bond movie because we did not want to have the 20 hand rubbed coats of pearl laquer scratched during the movie shoot. My employer at the time decided against purchasing the car and Evil Knevel was the first owner.

Basically this car was a customized Pontiac Grand Prix, shipped to Italy it was converted to a convertable, fitted sheet metal modifications and MINK carpets. The interior featured gold wherever you might expect chrome.

When they cut the top off they did not properly support the underframe of the car and over time the car sagged in the middle, causing the doors to fit poorly if at all. I don't know if the current owner (rumored to be well known in LV) has corrected this flaw or not.

All that said to say be very careful about what you do to the top of your SC coupe. The top is an integral part of the body structure and anything you do to it should be very carefully thought out and the engineering checked by someone who knows what they are doing. That said a T-top or convertable would be nice.


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