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2002 Es300 Random Alarm


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I was awakened at 4:30 this morning by my car alarm going off in my garage. I parked the car last night at about 11:30pm. I am totally baffled. I have a single car attached garage. No one or no external elements could have touched my car. I checked to see if we had any earthquakes last night, but nothing reported.

Out of habit, I do use the remote key lock to lock my car everytime I get out of it, even when it's in the garage. It seems to me if a door was not latched all the way, that they alarm would sound shortly after it activated, not 5 hours after it was activated. However, I have also noticed that the remote locks have been also acting up lately. Over the last two weeks the lights periodically don't flash like they used to and intermittently the beep doesn't beep when I lock the car, but it is locked.

Any thoughts?

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Welcome to the LOC, Brent! Are you certain that all the doors lock even though it doesn't beep and flash the lights? I had an 01 GS that would do that when a door lock actuator was going bad.

Coincidentally, the passenger side door lock quit working.

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