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Electrical Nightmare

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i own a 1999 gs 300. last nite during rainstorm, i inadvertently went outside and heard loud clicking noise coming from my lexus and smelled electrical burning. no signs of fire, just the smell. i don't know how long this had been going on, for it had been many hours since i had driven it. i unhooked the battery and it stopped. i have had a history of electrical problems after rain, that resolve when dried out. i can't begin to evaluate the damages because we are under a long flood watch. there is no local lexus dealer, and of course i fear the worst. i'm sure i need a new ecu, but how much othe damage do you think could have occured? thank you, mary beth

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That does not sound good. I would check all the fuse boxes under the hood to ensure that there is not any water or moisture in the plastic boxes. I would start under the hood.. Your ears my play a really good role in helping you find the problem.

The next step that I think I would do is to pull out all the fuses every one of them. Make sure that you put back in the rated fuse for each location in the fuse block. After each re - install I would stop and listen to see if the issue repeats from what you saw before. Each time you put a fuse in make sure it does not blow or open the fuse.

It sounds like you have a real issue with this. You may want to see if you can get a schematic to figure out what should have power when the car is off.

Troubleshooting a problem like this really is a bit of art.. no science... A lot of it is gut feel about where to start and where to go..

some folks have this ability and most do not.

Good luck with this.


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