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  1. I would suggest trying to get the door handle, the part inside that you use to open the door and hope and pray that the cable came off from the handle and not near the actuator part. I would then try and grab one of the cables, one is for lock / unlock and one is to open it. I am sure you have tried this although you did not say. You might be able to take the rear seat out, remove the weather stripping and try to remove the panel. You are in a really tight spot with this and I feel for you. Goodluck
  2. I have a fan motor assembly. sounds more like the control module though I have a non GPS control unit as well. BP
  3. Fishing line.. work it back and forth to get in behind it..,.. do a search on debadging. BP
  4. Sounds like a ball joint.. be careful BP
  5. Jeff, I am assuming that your looking for a car to buy or a spoiler? I have both for sale. My car does not have the spoiler but I have one to match the color of the car. The spoilers are bolted on. See the followoing link.. BP
  6. Well.. I think that the 1st to 2nd shift is controlled by the valve body not a solenoid. If I am wrong someone correct me. I am basing this on the 5 speed transmission that they are putting in the Tundra starting with 05. It has a sliding mechinism that might be sticking. Use a product that is intended to "flush" the trans like an AutoRX product then like djspawn stated make sure you use the correct fluid. I think that Mobil 1 has fluid that is trated for the Type IV fluid... Good luck let us know what you find. I am going through this with my Tundra 00 now. I am just now using the AutoRX product.. I am 200 miles into my 1k miles.. BP
  7. Try this.. this guy says he knows how to repair this.. worth a try..
  8. Sounds like the starter. You could take it off and clean it hoping that the solenoid is stuck with crud... BP
  9. Sounds to me like you have a fan that is locked up. I had a Toyota Tundra that did the same thing. I replaced the fan but after disassembly I think the thing to do would have been to spray the bushings down with WD-40 or some other type of penitrent. Then use a silicon lube to get it to spin. If that does not work replace the fan assembly. Good luck.. B
  10. You might have to try and remove the door panel from the inside. You could remove the bottom section of the seat to get to the bottom of the door panel. I think your in a bit of a difficult situation. If you have never taken the rear panel off I would suggest taking the side that open off to get a fee for where the clips are etc.. I would not "slim jim" it as there are a good number of wires in the door. Good luck. BP
  11. sounds like a head gasket.... good luck.. let us know what you find.. BP
  12. Super nice job.. I have looked at this and your right.... that little screw driver is a MUST!. Very nice detail.. everyone should have pictures.. BP
  13. Press the gas pedal to the floor and turn the key. Did you just start it and let it run for a few seconds then turn it off?;goto=newpost BP
  14. The cost of the core is nothing compared to getting it in. BP
  15. A wiring diagram will help. I have one for the 98 to 01. but that will not help you. BP
  16. nydavid21 Welcome to the board. Cats do go bad. The post cat O2 sensor only monitors catalist performance and it will through a code if there the computer thinks there is an issue. I have purchased O2 Sensors in the past from a guy on Ebay. The sellers name is evalero1 his email is Here is a link to a seach with all of his items. Very easy to deal with and his prices cannot be beat. I have a complete manual on CD for the 98-2001 GS I would love to have a bad cat so that I can make a test pipe and get ride of the Cats. Maybe we could swap for a bit.. Let me know, BP
  17. Look on ebay. bank two is the side what has cylinder number 2 (passenger) and sensor two is the post cat. I have bought from evaolu1 I think.. I miss-spelled it but he has lots of o2 sensors. Look for the denso part number on rock auto then search on ebay. BP
  18. the trick is to pull the cable like you were to open the door from inside. It will fall in your lap. It is amazing.. Nice right up btw.] BP
  19. bank two is the side that has the number 2 cylinder. I am pretty sure that it is the passenger side. BP
  20. I want one of your old ones to make a test pipe from. I will send it back or buy it from you. BP
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