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Help Help Help, I Need Help With 99gs400 Brakes

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hi guys, i have 99 gs400 and i drove it yesterday just fine, but this morning when i turned my ignition on, i heard an alarm coming from inside the car and my brake light was on. when i wanted to move, i noticed that my brakes had locked up(unresponsive-just as it would , when the car is not running-hard to the touch and will not hold) to describe exactly how it feels, just step on your brakes when your ignition is turned off...i called lexus road side and they didnt know. someone please help because thats my only means of transportation. i think it might be a relay fuse but i just dont know how to confirm that. each day that goes by without me working is a major loss of money. please lexus friends, help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I believe the warning indicates a problem with the hydraulic accumulator that powers the booster. It's an electric motor, and if it, or some other component prevents sufficient pressure from being developed, the warning sounds. AFAIK the master cylinder assembly is sold only as a complete unit. A code should be present to help diagnosis at a dealer.

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