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Rx350 Battery Died

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I have 4 cars, one of which is a Lexus RX350. I havent used it as I moved out of state and kept in my garage for nearly 2 months as I did not have the time to register it, transfer docs etc till now. Two days ago I tried starting it and the battery totally was empty. So I resurrected it with one of my other cars. My question is how many miles do I have to drive my 07 RX350 to gets its computer back up to date with all its data so that when I go for inspection, it does not fail?

Reason I ask this is one of my other cars is a Cadillac whose battery also died as I left it sit for a while. When i took to inspect it, it failed due to the fact that all codes got wiped out and I had to drive it for several miles to get its computers update the data.

What is the method for my RX350?



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Drive your car about 200 miles and your readiness monitors should be all set to pass inspection. You might not even need to do that though. I know in some states, emissions test are exempt for new vehicles. So even if your ECM isn't ready, they might not even check it.

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