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Extremely Loud Popping On Drivers Door. What Are My Options?


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Well the title pretty much explains my situation. I'm getting the all too common two loud pops when I open and close my drivers side door. I've tried to WD-40 all the areas that look like they could be the culprit, to no avail. I'm afraid this may eventually do some damage to something other than the hinge. So I'm curious, what options, if any, do I have that cost less than $500?

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since i posted last i've found the culprit of the problem and a temporary solution. what i was talking about is the little piece of metal that keeps the door open at certain points as you open and close the door, its like a little metal cover with some bumps on it around the hinges where the door meets with the body of the car. that has apparently become rusted and is causing an extremely loud squeaking sound at two points as i close or open the door. i got out the WD-40 when i figured out that was making the noise, and i greased it as well as I could without taking that cover off. that seems to have almost completely silenced the squeaking for now. I'm thinking about taking that cover off so i can get in there and clean it and actually put some serious grease on it besides WD-40, as it only seems to work for about a day without being reapplied.

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