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Intermittent Tail Light Sc300


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Hello all. I have sort of a strange problem. Sometimes I'll start my car and the lights will come on just fine. Other times I'll start it and the indicator that tells you that you have a light burnt out will come on. I get out to go check it and its always the passenger side tail light. If I tap on the light itself, it will come on. Problem solved. But any idea what could be causing this? It's kind of annoying having to get out and tap my tail light (especially with a lady in the car, haha) even if it is only every once in a while. The car is a 1997 SC300.

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I might suggest you clean off the electrical contacts with a pencil eraser. Moisture usually corrodes them over time.

And definitely replace both sides.. It's a pain opening everything up.. Why do it twice..


just change the bulb i was having that problem sometimes it would come on and sometimes not its jut the bulb is about to bun out and thats why

Oh replace both some times 1 trips the other one for some reason

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Thanks for the suggestions. It's unfortunate that I gotta open it back up again because I just did that for the drivers side tail light not more than two months ago. Oh well. Also JohnH, I'm not sure what contacts you're referring to. Would you care to specify a little more? Thanks again.

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