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  1. The usual culprit is an inexpensive tiny plastic piece that clips onto the handle. I've changed both of mine. Here's the link on another forum. https://www.clublexus.com/forums/performance-and-maintenance/200819-so-your-door-handle-doesnt-work-diy-w-pics.html
  2. Tom, anything made of rubber will deteriorate with time. If the car is garaged full time this slows down the process, but the belt can still get hard and crack. If the belt has never been changed and you plan on keeping the car I would get it replaced. If it breaks, replacing heads, valves and pistons is definitely more costly. My .02
  3. Perhaps this post will assist you... http://www.clublexus.com/forums/sc-400-300/200819-so-your-door-handle-doesnt-work-diy-w-pics.html
  4. Last year you sent someone the procedure from a shop manual on how to install an antenna on their Lexus. How might I get this procedure for a 2005 RX400h? Thanks

  5. I've had recent offers over $6500 for my '95 manual shift w/ 130k on it. After 16 years, I still love it... Don't want to sell.
  6. I compromised.. I've had 17" on mine for a few years now. A little harder to find tires for, but worth the duel purpose end result. Better handling without being too hard.
  7. It would probably help to know where you are located!
  8. It would probably help to know where you are located!
  9. I've had my '95 SC300 5 speed for 15 years now. (It'll be 16 years this July) Just can't find a reason to replace it. Still Love it. Other than the normal maintenance, a starter motor, Oxy sensor, Clutch, Trunk Opener Shocks and a Radio Antenna, I haven't had to put any money into this work of art. My 16yr old wants it now, but I'm afraid something might happen to it. Out of the 15+ cars I've had in the last 42 years of driving, this is by far the best car I've ever owned. 20 MPG "Average" to boot. BTW, the 5 speed models only account for 5% of all SC300's. A nice rarity if you can find one. The SC400 is a real power house, but having a stick is a lot more fun in my opinion. Both cars are expertly built. Good Luck...
  10. I would re-do the steps from the manual. Be sure to do the 1st step using the buttons on the radio. This extends the antenna to its farthest extension.
  11. Lexus_Antenna.pdf Attached is the actual procedure from the shop manual... There are a few steps to do it properly... JH
  12. Don't under do the job... You need to replace the pressure plate, throwout bearing and the tranny rear seal also. Otherwise you could be doing the whole thing over again before long. Been there... Done that... Good Luck!
  13. sounds like perhaps the Fuel Filter is clogged, or the Fuel Pump is not providing sufficient pressure. Just a thought...
  14. If you use "Add Reply" you can do an attachment. I didn't see that at first, so I created an "Album" in my profile and uploaded the image. Don't know any other way.
  15. Here's an image from the Service Manual... http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/uploa...6_793_68711.jpg JH
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