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High Speed = Blue Smoke


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I have a 94 LS with @ 158k miles on it and just recently it started to kick out blue smoke when I hit speeds in excess of 100 mph for short stretchs. And it is a lot of smoke, as if am driving the batmobile and kicking out a smoke screen. I've checked my oil and it doesn't appear that I am burning any oil as it seems to be at same level. I use nothing but mobile 1 sythetic 5w-30 oil

On monday I plan to change my oil, spark plugs, radiator fluid, tranny fluid, air filter, and was thinking about trying to do the seafoam thing on the car sunday prior.

I know blue smoke is oil, but why at only high speeds? :(


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You need to replace the packings or O rings in the valve lifters, it should not be a super expensive job and while a it check engine compression just in case. Toyota uses those o rings in the valve lifters to prevent the smoking, also you may want to do a valve job if you want to do a complet job. Also it could be the valve in the PS Pump, but your PS fluid should be getting burned if that is the case. Maybe your valve guides are bent and do not seal properly.


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