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Battery Draining--could It Be A Bad Fuse?


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I have a 1990 LS400 with 111K. Have had it since 1994. Love it. Battery died recently not long after I tried replacing a fuse (cig lighter) that keeps blowing as soon as I put new fuse in. Could the two be related? Put a new battery in and the alternator tests okay. I left the last blown fuse in the slot. Could it be leaking current somehow? I think the "socket" the fuse goes into is damaged and that is why it is blowing.

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Hello and welcome. AFAIK, when a fuse blows, it cuts off all power to that circuit, so I do not think it would still be draining the battery, but I am no expert, so I am not sure. Now if the fuse was no longer blowing out and the battery drained, then I would say, yes, it could be that circuit. Sounds like one of your lighter circuits are bad, or something else on that circuit. Strange to hear of this, because Toyota/Lexus electrical systems are typically bulletproof and the best out there.

Could be something simple. You may want to get some sort of tester and check out that circuit, or let the dealer give it a checkup.

I am sure someone here will key in with more info... we have very knowledgeable folks here on these cars.

Good luck.

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