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  1. My 1990 LS400 (120K) has never given me a bit of trouble. The other day it ran smoothly as usual on a 15-mile trip. When I got back in and started it 30 minutes later it was running rough and wanted to stall when I slowed down at lights. I nursed it home and parked it. The next day I went to use the car and the transmission wouldn't come out of park. Brake lights work and shift lock overide didn't help. Anyone seen this problem? Thanks
  2. I've change the thermostat twice thinking I might have got a bad one. I had that happen once with my chevelle. But it hasn't changed anything. The engine comes up to proper temp with gauge about half-way? Had the same problem. Replaced thermo, bypassed heat control valve...nada. Turned out all I needed was a new cap for the coolant overflow tank.
  3. My wife broke off the seat recline button on the passenger side of my 1990 ls400 and then proceeded to fiddle with the stub until the seat back was all the way up...then she broke off the stub. I'll try to get a replacement switch but in the meantime is there any way to manually recline the seat a bit?
  4. Funny you should mention WWII. A couple of years ago I was with a group of aircraft engineers who went up in a Lancaster out of the Hamilton Aircraft War Museum. No insulation in those things. Louds as hell .. like you were in a tin can right beside the engines. Buzzing the tower before coming in for the landing with the same clouds in the sky you see in old wartime posters, it felt like the Lancaster was flying in slowmo right out of a war time movie. An amazing experience! PS: Check out another flying story I just posted in the General section. Just paid the same--$800==for a new started for 90 ls400. It is a fairly big job. Starters that are having your problem tend to go from bad to worse quickly
  5. What's the best way to change the fluid? Can you ise a fluid extractor?
  6. Same thing happened to me. Never got an estimate because other driver had no insurance and I only carry liability on my 1990 Ls 400. You could part the car out and get back some of your money but it's a lot of work. I bought used lights and bumper cover , straightened bent hood, bought matching paint and covered the whole thing with a bra. Car will never look as good but, as always, it runs great.
  7. I agree with Muskmelon. I 'burped' mine after a timing belt repair by taking off the access cover by the thermostat and ran the car while adding more coolant until she could take no more. It is messy, but I had no heat like yours until I got the air out of the top of the engine. It took about ten minutes of back and forth on full blower and heat while waiting for the theromostat to open up and accept coolant properly. There has to be an easier way but that is what I did and it worked under cold outside DIY conditions. Hate to pepper you with questions but by the access cover do you mean the cover with two bolts that hold the thermo in or something else?
  8. Very similar to a problem I'm having with my 1990 LS400. Has been puzzling. Replaced the thermostat but it didn't help. Put cardboard under the car but no leaks. But when I add coolant the heat works at least occasionally. There is pressure in the system...get a whoosh when I remove the cap. Must be losing it when I drive.
  9. It is a pressed foam, maybe fine but you can look it over once the bumper is off, I've seen them quite aged and brittle expecially on vehicles located in warm areas. The removal is actually quite easy. I just replaced the front bumper on my 1990 LS400. There are three levels of tabs on the bumper that hold it on the car. Most are attached with plastic clips. You will break some removing the bumper but don't worry. They sell exact replacements on eBay and very similar ones at most auto store.
  10. By the way...what's the best way to do that? Take cap off overflow tank and squeeze the hoses?
  11. I would think that you have air in the heater lines/core causing a low or no flow siuation. need to force the air out and you should have heat. No moisture inside car. I replaced the thermostat, which didn't help. I'll try squeezing air out of the lines.
  12. My 1990 LS400 (115K) was hit by a @#%*!? uninsured motorist 6 weeks ago. Front bumper, driver side headlight and fog light and amber lights destroyed. Left corner of hood curled back. Due to high deductible and age of car I had to put it back together myself with new and used parts. It's on the road again and running fine, except...no heat. Doesn't seem to be losing coolant and it's not overheating, but blows mostly cold air. If I let it run a long time the air gets lukewarm. Could be a coincidence and it needs a thermostat but I'm wondering if there was something damaged that I missed up front that could be affecting the heater.
  13. I am in the process of putting a new front bumper on my '90 Ls400 (hit by an uninsured motorist.) Cost including a used bumper will be about $500 and a fair amount of my labor. It's very difficult to get the paint right if you are not an expert. My solution: Do the best I can and cover the whole hting with a $100 bra..
  14. Same with my '90LS. I bought a little lighter socket at the auto parts place that you can wire in yourself and attached it down below the steering wheel so i can charge my cell phone