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Please Help - Slight Hesitation On The 2nd Shift With Transmission - 1


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Hi Everybody!

Nice to see such a strong Lexus community online!!!

(I have to say... When I drive my LS400 I think to myself if there are others out there that really appreciate such a well built, long lasting machine...I'm glad to see there is!).

Anyways, I have a 1993 LS400 with 120,700 miles. My problem is that last week my car got stuck in a parking spot which was covered in ice. The car took a half hour to get out (actually it didn't get out - i had to call a tow truck) which involved A LOT of high rpm spinning in reverse and drive. I even tried the car in L and 2. I would say that it took a heavy strain on the transmission.

Now fast forward a couple of days later and I feel as if the 1st shift is as smooth as it always has been. (You know how the shifts are in these LS400's... you can't even feel it!) but in the 2nd shift I feel as if there is a little resistance and harder shift. Not as smooth. The car kind holds back for a moment then pushes you slightly forward when it shifts.

The 3rd and so forth are fine and like the 1st where you can't even feel it (you have to look at the rpm to really notice it). Also when I shift from park to drive the car immediately is ready to move forward...there is no delay in response for the car to get going (that has always been like that) so nothing changed there.

I'm afraid that there might be some heavy damage done (hopefully not, but when it comes to transmission i don't have a clue about anything). Any suggestions or comments on what I can do to get things back to normal???

Thanks and I look forward to your responses.

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Bet your shirt it's the transmission fluid. Flush with Toyota Type IV and nothing else. To give you quick peace of mind just dip the dipstick and look at the colour and have a smell. It should not smell burnt at all and it should be pink in colour. If not you should feel assured that it's only the fluid that needs flushing.

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yes, i did look at the fluid and it was light red to medium red in color and had a somewhat sweet smell to it. not a burnt smell.

Changing the fluid is no problem and makes sense. But will it be okay if I wait 2 months to do the flush? (since the weather is horrendous outside and i prefer not to give the car to a shop and do it myself. ) I just hope waiting that long will not cause any other sort of changes or problems for the transmission.

i also just checked my service history from the dealership (which came from the previous owner) and there is no mention of transmission fluid or filter change. so this is definately a possibility.


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