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'94 Ls400 -- Common Blackenned Lcd Problem, Need Part Asap.

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Hey guys,

My mechanic has my LS400, and is struggling on getting the part(s) to fix the Climate Control's LCD. It has that blackenned effect to it now.. like the LCD has smeared inside the panel. He says he has the email for a guy in California, but so far he hasn't even emailed the guy, and said the part would take 2-3 days to arrive because it is coming from California (I am located in B'ham, Alabama).

Since this is a relatively common problem, I figured one of you might know where to hook me (and indirectly him) up with a part vendor for this? So that we could order it tommorow, and have it shipped overnight so he could get it fixed and I could get my baby back this week instead of next week.

There is bound to be more than one guy with an email address who has these parts for people to fix this problem themselves. (He knows how to fix it, he just needs some parts.. though I would have to ask him which parts.. but I'm sure you guys know what parts I am speaking of based on the description)

Again it is a 1994, LS400 -- Blackenned out LCD display on the Climate control area.

You can post here with a response or send me a direct email at jaredguess@gmail.com

It would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

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