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Anyone Try The "pulse" Sparkplugs Yet?

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I know it is generally agreed that the Denso and NGK Iridium plugs are the best choice for performance and longevity for our cars. Has anyone dared to try the new Pulse plugs advertised on sparkplugs.com? My plugs are due and I've chosen the NGK BKR5EIX-11 Iridium IX plugs at about $7.50 a pop -- but those Pulse plugs sure look interesting (except for the price, that is!)

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wow, well since im coming up in my 90K timing belt and maintenance i was gonna swap to them but i just looked at the price........i just dunno that i can justify spending 200 + s&h on a set of sparkplugs! if they were like 15-20 or something reasonable i might TRY them! if anyone can get them cheaper i will try them! i scowered ebay and google and turned up nothing but a bunch of forums and scepticism!

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