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Help Help Help! More Codes Then The Noc File At Langley


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So lately I've been noticing my car (99 ES300 with 206k miles) knock, ping and sputter at 1200 rpm's when I would leave a light or stop. I could even hold the brake on and rev it to 1200 and I could hear bad knocking and it would kinda die. It all goes away after 1500 rpm's though.

The car has never had a problem aside from an Igniter. I always put Premium fuel in it and I drive like a Grandpa. I have always noticed a knock when it shifts or hardly stepping on the gas pedal while going up a hill espically in summer with A/C on.

I have Sea-foamed and replaced all plugs less then 8k miles ago I even removed the cover on the side of the intake and cleaned what I could in there with a rag.

It has been raining here in Sacramento for the past week so I considered the rain might have something to do with the sputtering but today it was sunny out streets were dry and it finally happened.

Check engine and traction control light came on. Great I thought to myself, now I can connect a scanner and find out whats wrong-

P1305 Malfunction control ignition system misfire

P1315 Malfunction control ignition system misfire

P1325 Malfunction control ignition system misfire

P1354 Malfunction control ignition system misfire

P0300 Multiple misfires

P0302 Cylinder 2 Misfire

P0304 Cylinder 4 Misfire

P0306 Cylinder 6 Misfire

Before I rented the scanner from Autozone I had an extra igniter from the last time one went bad and I tried replacing it with the igniters on the motor, that really didn't work so I opted for the scanner.

By the time I returned home with the scanner the car cooled off I plugged it in wrote the codes down and went inside to do some research online.

I figured that by switching the igniter around might have caused all the random misfire codes so I went back outside to clear the codes and start over.

Well after I cleared the codes I started the car and to my surprise the famous Lexus idle had returned it was not sputtering and there were no lights on.

I'm at a loss here I even have my spare Igniter out of the car!

Anyone out there have any ideas? I'm going to see if it happens after the car warms up.

While Googling the codes it was mentioned somewhere about an oil sensor?

Has anyone out there heard of this happening before?

Thanks in advance for the help out there.

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