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Mp3 / Vais Crap Or Dice

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After having the dealer install the VAIS IPOD Integration in my 08 GS350 and my 08 RX 350, I'm having it removed. You can only play music on the playlist, sometimes the brain on the VAIS will not play and sends you to the beginning of your playlist (really frustrating when you listen to pod casts) and of course, the NOT Popular Motion Lockout.

I'm having my installer research how to prevent the car from disabling the controls while the car is in motion.

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Thanks M&J for the info on the Vias Ipod integration, I just ordered an 08 GS 350 AWD and was going to get that installed. Did your dealer provide that system, or did you order it and have them put it is, as I am trying to figure out if that is the same kit my dealer said he could install for me.

Please Keep us posted on the Motion disabler too, as that is the only drawback I see to this otherwise perfect car.


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I'm also interested to know if the VAIS you mention is what is being provided by Lexus. I can't believe they included the play in motion lockout is part of this! As the passenger I get very frustrated that I can't do anything just because we're moving. Anyway, thanks for the link to Dice. We have an 08 GS460 and it listed as being supported. But there are many of us anxious to hear about your experience. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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Lexus hired Rolling Audio to install the VAIS integration. I didn't like it because it only let's you play from a playlist. I am also Hacked off b/c you cannot browse through folders b/c the motion/safety lock out.

Here are some pics of the DICE module.

This is in "Mp3" mode.

I am taking it out, and putting it in Satellite mode tomorrow.. We also had issues with the DVD Bypass, as it doesn't appear to work on the 08 GS350. I will find out soon, for sure. The DVD Bypass Posts do not directly answer whether it has been tested on an 08.



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