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A/c Quit Working

hot and bothered

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My 2005 Lexus has 58000 miles on it and today my a/c quit blowing cold air. Any ideas what the problem might be before I take it to a dealership.


My assumptions from your post are that blower still works and A/C indicator is on solid......

What happens if you put it in max cool/COLD setpoint?

In that position all of the sensors are ignored so if it works there you have a sensor failure.

Also if OAT sensor has failed and is indicating OAT below ~34F the A/C compressor is disabled.

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Thanks I had a friend check it out and found that a rock had damaged my condensor and leaked out all of the fluid

I think I've got the same problem, I heard something hit the under carriage while I was driving down the highway and about five minutes later a smoke like thing was coming out of my vents and no cold air. Can I ask you what you did to fix yours and what the cost was? Thanks!

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