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Passenger-side Driveaxle Removal Es300


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I need to remove the transaxle on my 1999 ES300. I started this project over the weekend and got stuck at the step where the passenger-side driveaxle is to be removed. I had no problem getting the splined end out of the hub. I removed the bearing lock bolt and the snap ring just as the book instructed. I sprayed WD-40 all around. I tapped and pulled and pushed but never got it to release. I had no problem getting the driver's side driveaxle out. Anyone know the secret?

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Me again. I called my Lexus dealer and asked for some free technical advice. Apparently this is a common problem on ES's and RX's. I was told the intermediate bearing is rusted inside the bearing holder. The solution is to beat on it with a hammer until it breaks loose. If I had not been told this by a Lexus technician, I would not have believed it. Anyone else have any comments or experience with this?

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It's true. That bearing gets frozen in the housing of that bearing support.

It's to the point that at the stealership, when they have to remove the transmission, they just slide it off the axle when they de-couple it from the engine.

The only reasons you should need to get that out of there is to change that bearing or change the axle seal. You don't need to do it to change outer drive shafts.

Some come out real easy and some just don't budge. If yours is stuck try heating that collar with a propane flame and bang on it with a hammer a few good rapps. When you bang metal with a hammer it relaxes and that with the heat could be just enough to do it.

Also, put the WD-40 on the shelf and save it for the only thing it's good for - taking rust off old saw blades. Get some P&B Blaster. It's the best penetrating oil I've ever seen. They sell it everywhere.

An important thing about WD-40 - It's NOT a lubricant! If you spray it on a hinge ar a latch thinking you're lubricating it, you're actually washing all the lubrication out of it and it will wear very quickly. Plus, it's propelled with propane. That means not good.

Just my .02¢

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Thank you. I will try leaving the driveaxle in place and sliding the transaxle back away from it as you suggested. I don't think there is a snap ring on the passenger side driveaxle, so it should slide right out.

Spalkin is correct..You can pound on that bearing retainer for a week it will never come out..I always just leave it bolted to the block and remove the transaxle..Reinstalling is the difficult part as you don't want to damage the seal..

Best wishes,


ASE Master/L1

Toyota/Lexus Factory Certified Master

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