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Sirius Dealer Install, Bad Reception


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I had my dealer install a Sirius on my 07 ES350 with the windshiled mounted antenna. This system not only "skips", it goes for periods of one to two minutes with "no signal". I took it back to the dealer and they concluded that it was the transceiver. After the transceiver changeout it was actually worse not better. Next the dealer concluded it was the antenna so they removed the window mounted antenna and went to a small magnetic antenna mounted on the rear roof (right next to the back glass). It still skips excesssively and has periods of no signal 15-20 seconds long. I am at wits end and very annoyed that after $700 this radio is still not working prolperly.

Am I the only one with this problem?

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Every time I have gone back to the dealership or talked to a parts dealer, they have always complained about the poor receptivity of the Sirius system in general. I found this hard to believe as I used to use my standalone Sirius radio in my old Chevy with the antenna sitting in the cup holder. I got acceptable reception 98% of the time...

I am seriously wondering if it's just the antennas that the dealerships/parts dealers are using for the complete install... does anyone know if I can utilize my current antenna in a custom attachment to a ES compatible kit?

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