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Electric Problem - Internal ... Radio, Central Lock Etc


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I have a LS400 1990 UCF10R. My sunroof was stolen from Sydney but I live in Canberra. Lexus quoted me AU$5500 just for parts. I called literally 91 wreckers and found one of them had a sunroof which would fit into mine. Once I bought it, I saw it was too big to fit in the car so I couldn't drive it back to Canberra. I found a small mechanic shop in Sydney and the guy said he will try to fit it in. After he placed the sunroof in it works. But none of my electrics don't. The radio, central lock, boot latch, LCD mirror, internal lights (except dash and gear), the steering wheel tilt and so on. The car drives fine so does Air con, cruise control, fuel door, power seats, power windows. But when I start the car the clck starts at 1:00 and the Air Con resets to 25 degree and the trip meter resets to zero.

I hve checked all the fuses and they are all ok. They were al working ok before the sunroof was taken out. All the cables have been reconnected properly. Someone said that I need to reset the computer but the Lexus in Canberra won't look at it as it is too old and they don't hve the software for it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yea, I've never heard of a sunroof being stolen either. I know that water goes down the drain in the opposite direction from ours, so what other interesting stories do you have from down under?

I never thought someone would steal sunroof either. But when I started looking for one, I knew exactly why someone did it. Lexus original costs AU$1100 just for the glass in the sunroof. An aftermarket one is nearly impossible to find. As I said, I found after 91 calls.

I will disconnect the battery terminal after work and let you know the result.

I really appreciate your advice.

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A Lexus dealer saying a 90LS is too old for them to service? New one on me. Try disconnecting the negative termiinal of the battery for about ten miinutes to allow ecm to reset.

I went home on lunch hour and disconnected the (-) terminal and left for about 30 mins. When I reconnected it just made a noise (the same noise it makes when you turn the key on the car). Nothing changed. Is there any other advise? Any other way to reset the ECM?

Thank you.

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Sounds to me like a power supply/wiring/relay issue. What kind of noise are you hearing? Are you saying that when you reconnected the battery, you heard the starter? What kind of damage was there when your sunroof was stolen?

Not the starter. Just a beep noise ... may be from the phone. When the sunroof was stolen, it was the glass only. All the motor and wiring were untouched. After the sunroof was stolen all electrics were working fine. To replace the broken sunroof, when all the parts were disconnected inside, then the problem started. Do you think it can be relay? What do I need to do if relay?

Kind regards,

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