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Noisy Sunroof

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I have an '08 RX 350 and the sunroof is so loud (closed, open, or tilted) that I wish I had not purchased it. Have had it for 6 months and have been back to the dealer 3 times. Will be going back again tomorrow. The car is wonderful but the sunroof is such an issue that I can't appreciate the good qualities of the car.

It makes spring noises, rattles and creaks. It doesn't matter if the cover is closed or open. It isn't the drip pan either. I live in a hot climate. Does anyone know how to make this stop?

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yeah, i've heard rattling above me when there are extreme temperature changes like the cold fronts we've had here. i assumed it was the luggage rack on top. i never considered the sunroof.

i had toggled the bands over the luggage rack that can be adjusted and didn't notice the noise until the temperature dipped again. i thought that was the problem.

the maintenance staff at lexus had not heard of this but promised to look it over whenever i wanted to. as i was in a hurry, i said i would do it next time i had an oil change.

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There is a TSB on the rattleing sunroofs! They have to go into the roof and reset the tabs or stops--whaever you call them. I had mine done cause it made noises when it was open--all gone now--very quite.

Also make sure you lube up the rubber strip on the sunroof, when it dries out it makes a nice racket when closed

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What's a TSB? How can I explain to the dealer what they need to do? This rattle is making me crazy.

Technical Service Bulletin. There are TSB's for the noise in the moonroof. RX350 and ES350 both have the issue. The front corners of the moonroof assembly sometimes rubs against the vehicles body and causes a noise. To fix it, Lexus has to go in and insulate the area that are rubbing.

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:) Thank you so much for the information about the TSB for the sunroof. I found this one NV004-07. [ATTACHED]

I printed it out and took it to the dealer. They did the fix, and I am THRILLED. I was getting so crazy with that rattle, and now I love my car again!! thanks so much for the help!!


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