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Scared My Car Is Failing


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Hey Guys I'm new at this but nevertheless I hope someone can help me with my problems.

1. Ny Radio/CD Player goes out and cut's back on while I'm driving. One time it seems like the car itself did the same. This happens no matter what is playing be it the Cd or the radio.

2. After a car wash I seems to be hearing water in my door; however there is no holes in my door and the door was closed tight. This same thing happen one day after a heavy rain. I didn't know if it was the gas tank making that sound or just my mind ( this is on the driver's side.

3. My Temp gage is out. Actually this is the second one I brought one from the junk yardand in a matter of months it starting acting like my old one. Who fixes those cheap in the Chicago Milwaukee area?

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