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2004 Rx 330 Ready For 30k Service...advice, Tips? =)


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Hii!! I'm new to the forum but was excited to hopefully learn more and exchange tips/information with everyone on the board =)

My 2004 RX 330 just passed the 29,000 mile mark and is due for the 30,000 mile service...

I forget, is there a list somewhere that shows each mile marker service Lexus recommends...I know there was a 1K, 5K, 10K and 15K as well as a 25K service but I dont recall what they all entail...I just know each one always has an oil change and checking lots of stuff.

Up until now I have taken it to Lexus service but the 30K one is about 700 USD I think (correct me if Im wrong) and was curious if people usually take it to Lexus still or if I should take it somewhere else and what it is that I really would need done.

I just dont want them to miss something or not check something if I take it to a non-Lexus place...but again, if I can save a few hundred dollars, that would be awesome.


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dont listen to Jim because obviously he doen't know what he's talking about. A 30k service consists of:

Oil change and Filter

Rotate and balance tires

air filter

a.c filter

coolant flush

transmission flush

pcv valve

wiper inserts

42 point inspection.

On your vechile this can run about $500-700

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