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Abs Codes

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Ive looked through pages, and couldnt find it in the stickies...

My ABS light came on, I scanned it and came up with these codes: 31, 32, 35, 36...

Are these speed sensor codes?

I had my CV Joints replaced awhile ago, the light came on after I got it back from the mechanic. He said the wiring might have went bad, so he ran some new wiring to the sensors(Front two) and the light went away. That was a few months ago, and now the light is on. When you first turn on the car, there is no light; but the first few stops you can feel the brakes jerking(almost as if you slammed on the brakes and engaged the ABS) then the light comes on, and the problem goes away(but obviously ABS is turned off)

Can anyone tell me what these codes exactly mean, and what needs to be fixed...


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What year is your ES300? I'd like to look into that code 36 a little more. It seems to give different results depending on the year. As for the knocking noise, sounds like something else.

its a 93, I found the ABS codes thing, and it shows code 36 as "Open circuit in front right or rear right left speed sensor circuit"

Same as Code 35 just opposite side.

I'm guessing thats what it is, since only the ABS light is on.

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