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Extended Warranty I Need Advice & Suggestions..


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Hi Everyone,

First, thanks for this cool forum! I'm a Noob with 2 questions for you:

I bot my 2002 SC 430 in '03 and purchased the Platinum Lexus Ext. Warranty at that time; it expires early next year. I haven't had any major issues at all, maybe because the car has only 30K miles on it. I will be driving it much more in the future though and therein lies the prob...

Question 1: I want to to take advantage of the existing warranty before it disappears. Today the stick shift stuck in Park and required a good SLAM to get it into drive *OUCH* :cries: So I'm taking it in for that and need to know about anything bigger or badder I should be on the lookout for before Warranty "D-Day?" What known 2002 SC430 problems should I request the Dealer to check for? (BTW, no hassle using warranty thus far, tho it's been for for small stuff. They seem happy to do the work..I guess it's all just revenue for them.)

Question 2: Do you know of a reputable warranty that extends PAST the time-based cutoff of Lexus' extended warranty, maybe one based on mileage VS age?

Thanks in advance for replying!!!


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I doubt you transmission or shifter has a problem. This problem occurs with all automatic transmissions when you park on a steep hill, tight against a curb, or anything that would put a lot of pressure on the parking dogs in the transmission. There is nothing to be fixed in the trans. In the future when you are parking in a bind, place the emergency break on FIRST, and then the trans in park. When leaving, take the car out of park first and then the emergency break. I have 150,000 on my 2003 and absolutely no warranty issues. Most of the extended warranties are a rip off. Keep your money to spend on tires. I wrote an article on here about tire wear,, check it out....

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