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Extended Warranty

Jennifer L

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Good question

I called Lexus Financial (800-448-1505) an was quoted the LIST prices --do dealers discount much or often?

Might there be some 'forum' vendor dealers who quote new cars etc ...who can quote --one might think any dealer could sell it, no?

Does anyone have the web link for the descriptions on Gold vs Platinum coverage?

I was quoted for Platinum ( but when I called back on another question the 2nd guy quoted less by 200 bucks or so ) here is lower prices...

6 yr 70,000 1650

7 yr 75,000 2200

5yr 100,000 2000

6yr 100,000 2250

7 yr 100,000 2700 - fully transferable - if sold to private party -

Now -- I want to know about moving from Canada to USA & visa versa



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I just purchased a preowned GX470 last night and have shopped around this morning for the extended warranty. It definitely pays to call around. The price difference can be significant. Checked several Texas dealerships and was quoted from $2140 to $2900 for the Platinum 7 yr/75K mile warranty. Decided to call the Lexus dealership in my home town of Shreveport, Louisiana and was quoted a MUCH lower price. Not sure if it was because it's the end of the month but needless to say I jumped on that deal. The guy I talked to was Toby. Hope this can help somebody out!

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