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Questions About 1995 Ls 400

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I posted in the UK forum before I realized it was a UK forum, here is the post, any thoughts?

The Post in the UK forum

My car was recently stolen and I need to get a new one. My boss has offered me his 1995 LS 400 for a great price. I have a few questions though. I know Japanese cars are very reliable, I have owned 2 nissans and were very happy with them, This car has 74,000 miles on it but is in immaculate condition. Is there any scheduled service at the 75,000 or 100,000 mile mark that wil cost me $$ that I should know about i.e. timing belts etc. Also how well do these cars hold up after 100,000 miles, I plan on owning it for a while if I buy it. My last car had 230,000 miles.

The car does not have a CD player in it, I understand there is a 6 disk cd changer available (in the glove box I believe), Are they easy to get/install, how much should I expect to spend? Or is there another CD option?

Lastly, I am 29 years old and not sure if this car is too "old" for me. Any thoughts are appreciated.


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you will soon have to do your timing belt wich includes couple of other things to change. check what kind of sound system you got there. pioneer or nakamichi? do youhave the special compartment to host the Cd changer? it is located right above the glove box compartment. as to if you are too young for the car i dont think so. i'm 25 and i'm enjoying my 96 ls for 2 years already and happy with it. car is very responsive and quite and..... i just love it!:)

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