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Toyota Dealer V.s Lexus Dealeter


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Hi I am wondering if there is a big difference in cost between taking it to the lexus dealership and toyota dealership?? Besides beverages and a loaner car does it pan out??
Depends on the dealer. I notice you're in Tucson. Lexus of Tucson is reasonable if you have non-package stuff done, like just the brakes flushed, or AHC fluid flushed. OTOH, if you have the package service done, you get ripped off bad. For the 60K service, they do stuff that's not needed and charge $2.4K. For example, they do a timing belt "inspection," meaning a full front engine tear-down, valve clearance adjustment (not needed even after 100K mi), and change the iridium spark plugs (not needed until 120K). All this to justify the cost. I balked and did most of it myself. The hourly rate at lexus of tucson is pretty good, a straight $95/hr, cheaper than Precision Toyota ($100-120/hr). Where they get you is on the package service and parts (2x markup over Toyota). OTOH, they're more trustworthy than Toyota. I had Toyota repack my front wheel bearings and change the ATF. The tech broke both front wheel caps (broke the blade off one, the spring on the other; I didn't notice until way later), plus they put some kind of ATF conditioner in the ATF. Since I didn't have the time for them to do it over, I took it to the lexus dealer and had them do the ATF change again. They've never heard of putting any additives in the ATF, nor did a tech I spoke to at scottsdale lexus or the guys on the ih8mud LX470/landcruiser forum. Whatever you do, don't let Toyota mess with the AHC. Most techs have never worked w/ it before. If they put the wrong fluid in there, it takes months for the membranes in the globes to degrade, but they will, and you'll be faced w/ a $2K bill to replace them. For the 15K service, lexus of tucson is pricey...they want $750 to change the oil/oil filter, cabin AC filters, drain & fill the front/rear diffs & t-case, lube the drive shaft, rotate the tires, drain & fill the ATF pan (only 3 qts). You can do this yourself for under $100.
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