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Electrical Problem


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I have a 90' LS400. Unfortunately I have the dreaded power steering leaking issue. My alternator was replaced about 3 months ago, but the power steering fluid is still currently leaking onto it. Appoximately how long will an alternator last with the power steering fluid leaking onto it daily (assuming hypothetically I do not fix the p/s leak)? My headlights and instrument cluster on my dashboard are flickering as well. I also noticed that some people have fabricated a plastic cover for the alternator (i.e. pg. 22 of LS gallery). Does the cover really work? Does it impact the performance of the alternator? Anyone, please help...

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I'm confused. Why did you replace the alternator without getting the power steering problem fixed? It's just a matter of time before the power steering fluid dripping on the alternator destroys the new one you just had installed. A plastic cover for the alternator is just a band-aid for the problem.

You need to determine what the power steering problem is and get it fixed. It could be one of several things. The pump may need to be overhauled with new seals. A hose may have gone bad. Or you could be having the very common problem with the air control valve (although in this case, the PS fluid is usually drawn into the intake manifold and is burnt - it does not usually leak; however, having said that, I suppose it is possible for this valve to be the source of a leak problem).

As far as the flickering instrument panel is concerned, this is not related to your power steering and alternator problems. This problem is caused by defective capacitors in the instrument cluster. This problem and the fix for it have been discussed numerous times on this forum. Read the "stickies" posted at the top of the LS forum.

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Don't know how many miles is on your car or when the PSP or the alternator was changed last. I'm going to assume your alternator is on it's way out, dimming and flickering lights are a good sign of loss. It will be easier to troubleshoot once the alternator, and depending the battery- are replaced.

I believe one of our Sponsors-JPI is located in Houston. You might want to look him or another Lexus/toyota tech up.

I would suggest replacing both PS and Alternator, along with serpentine belt, water pump, thermostat, and the coolant-summermonths ahead.

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