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Thinking About Buying 99 Rx300

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I'm considering buying a used RX300 and the only really bad things I have heard are:

1. The exhaust manifold cracking - which isn't that bad

2. The transmission failling at around 100k miles

If I get one I will drive it until it dies of old age so I am concerned about the transmission.

There have been some posts saying that these problems may be caused by using the wrong transmission fluid ( not from Lexus/Toyota ).

My concern is that I may get one with the wrong fliud from improper maintenance or that the problems are with the transmission in general, and I really don't want cough up 3-7K if it decides to die at 125K miles.

And if it were changed with the wrong fluid, but is still working would it be worth it to flush it out with a few hundred bucks worth of the correct fluid would that maybe save it ?

Consumer reports doesn't show transmission problems for this model......

We have a RAV4 with 190K on it, with no problems but excess oil consumption, so I"m hoping the RX will be a step up ( in a big way ! ) and have the same level of reliability.

Just looking for some guidance from the experts.

Thanks !

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My 99 had a cracked exhaust manifold that was found by dealer at 35K service and was fixed under warranty. I bought the car last year with 25K miles because I wanted some warranty left. Great suv and gd service at Lexus though pricey. I got it for skiing, worked great in snow.

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Follow my thread "Check Engine (p0171, P0330)" to see how it turns out. As I started to research my particular problem, I learned that the Toyota-Lexus V6 engine has had sludge problems. The sludge problem is an engine design problem and has nothing to do with how well you maintain the engine; the heart (and most important part) of any automobile is the engine.

That leaves the transmission, the second most important part of an automobile. There are some reports (mine included) that suggest the RX300 transmissions may be unreliable.

To see if it would be worth purchasing a used RX 300, calculate the percent cost of replacing and engine or transmission to the used car price of the RX300.

Traditionally, how well you maintain or take care of a Toyota-Lexus automobile has determined the length of trouble free service life of the vehicle. However, if the automobile has a poorly designed part or system your maintenance care may not make a difference in the failure of the part.

My current

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