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I'm biased towards Yokohama. The name just matches with Lexus (toyota). Basically any high-performance summer tire that's not run-flat will make everything better.

Here is my favorite article on handling including tyres: http://autozine.kyul.net/technical_school/..._handling_5.htm

Basically, a section of the article states that many newer RWD cars (1980+) have been engineered to understeer more for safety (less sensitive to spin out). Part of it is due to larger rims and wider tyres. Read on and it gets interesting (start from page 1).

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I like Yokohama as well but they used to be a bit cheaper.

They're starting to catch on that people like their tires and are raising their prices.

Right now I think this is an awesome tire for it's price:


BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW-2

I love the unique tread pattern and the fair price of $178/tire

Definitely my next pick.

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Oh yeah...almost forgot.....

The tires have the best ratings I've ever seen on any tire.

"Results from our online tire survey:

13 surveys submitted 35,523 miles reported

Dry Traction 9.6

Wet Traction 9.2

Hydro Resistance 9

Snow Traction N/A

Cornering Stability 9.2

Steering Response 9.5

Ride Comfort 9.4

Noise Comfort 9.1

Tread Wear 8.9

Key: Superior (8.6-10) Excellent (6.6-8.5) Good (4.6-6.5) Fair (2.6-4.5) Unacceptable (0-2.5)

Would You Buy This Tire Again? Most said: Definitely (Average of 9.8 out of 10)

How Did This Tire Rank In Its Category? 1 out of 45 tires (Score of 9.2 vs best tire in category score of 9.2)

That definitely says something.

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